Copper Chef Arbitration Agreement

These pans are garbage where they are good for about 3 months. I bought six of them for quite a while. They stick less well than five Walmart stoves. Customer-Serivce on the attempt to return is a guaranteed 60-day joke, although on television they announce life. I have a frying pan that Miss has fashioned, another that copper that comes from copper not even true, I come from a red copper frying pan that deformed it and made a black cooking surface, it lost its anti-stick a long time ago. Not happy please include me, I have a 9.2 cu. I`m not satisfied. I have the same problems with copper food sticks and copper paint peeling from the pots. And the frying pan stopped heating up. Add me up. I bought a set of these copper stoves.

I have a frying pan that sticks and can`t clean the floor and outside enough. I bought a copper stove because I am disabled and I have trouble washing dishes. I read all the instructions carefully and seasoned my stove as indicated. My egg was stuck. Pan was a mess. So I tried to season it again. Same result. I can`t use my stove. I also own a copper cook and I had to throw it in the trash and buy a Tfal, because everything was stuck on it over and over again, after I never used metal in the pan, I bought the pan, and in a short time, something would stick to it.

I am very disappointed with the tray I bought. I have several anti-copper items and they are worthless. I bought a copper frying pan and seasoned it properly, and it only took a few days and the food remained my big red copper sticks. For example, when I make sausages. The sausage is big, so it`s bad when it`s stuck. I have two of these copper stoves, and it is true that they do not work as described. They are not non-members; It is impossible to fry anything in them. Cooking eggs or pancakes is a nightmare.

If so, they are enough to increase the vegetables when the heat is low and you use a lot of oil. Not quite what I expected from these pans! I bought the square grid. Use it only once and it has faded as it warms up. I had to throw away the pancakes that I was trying to put in the trash. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! I will never buy copper dishes again. It is obvious that the word "copper" is used as bait. We were delighted when our children gave us the full copper last Christmas because we thought it was not a member. That is not the case. Add me, I almost burned the kitchen with copper chefs.

The copper stove I bought as a gift for my friend has all kinds of scratches. The interior has all the coating that flows. Yes, I also bought a copper skillet that didn`t meet my expectations My copper cook pans were a big disappointment. I was surprised at how fast they went from large pots to stoves that had no value, I have some stoves that are striped, copper scales, glued food, count me in 7. Gotham Steel (made, like its brothers, not of steel, but of copper aluminum by Ningbo Zaixing Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.) Add me to the list yes c`stick I bought two stoves picking copper cook very disappointed with the stoves. My copperKoch anti-stick striped stove while using a coated snow broom. Please add me to the group action. I have a frying pan and I bought the copper barbecue one of George Foreman....

It`s also sticks... Right after a few cooks on it. I bought the Copper Skillets twice and everything stuck right away.

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