Cyprus Collective Bargaining Agreement

If the parties fail to resolve a mariner case and/or reach a compromise on a dispute, an appeal may be sought from the competent courts or private arbitration tribunals, subject to the agreed terms of the employment contract and/or collective agreement. The whole process was stalled after both sides sought to obtain the text of the agreement and obtain clarification from Emilianidou, which seem to have been very reassuring. In addition to collective bargaining, there are a large number of tripartite bodies that bring unions, employers and government together. The most important are the Labour Advisory Council and the National Employment Committee, but a number of others are chaired by the Minister of Labour, including the Productivity Council and the Pancyprian Council for Safety and Health, as well as other more technical bodies with less political representation. [3] Trade unions are represented by the trade union confederations PEO, SEK and DEOK. In practice, however, no targeted studies have been carried out to date to examine the flexibility of agreements exclusively and thoroughly, but the system remains relatively rigid, with little flexibility. With regard only to wage negotiations and, in particular, the method of calculating the wage to be demanded, neither employers` organisations nor trade unions follow strictly established formulas, the two basic sectors, controlled since 1944 at the sector and enterprise level, are labour productivity and the implementation of wage indexation (ATA). With regard to productivity, employers` organisations believe that the increase in real wages should go hand in hand with the increase in average productivity calculated by the Cyprus Statistical Service; Although trade unions do not agree on the principle of the position of employers` organisations, they nevertheless call for higher increases for low wages and, on the whole, higher increases aimed at a fairer redistribution of domestic product. Even in banks, which have traditionally demonstrated a well-supported collective bargaining programme compared to other economic sectors in Cyprus, variable payment systems, as noted above, are defined and implemented, with the exception of the sectoral collective agreement, provided they do not affect agreements between the two parties. On the basis of such a small sample size and given that wage flexibility is a fairly new phenomenon, a distinction between more or less common variable payment systems would be incompatible with the Cypriot reality.

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