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Application and application conditions The service may require you to provide documents relating to your accommodation (for example. B a maintenance certificate for your boiler). The decision to refuse marketing authorization is valid for 30 months. At the end of this period, you can reapply for accreditation with your department`s ESA. Filling out the authorization application is not always easy You must apply for the renewal of the authorization at least 3 months before the expiry. First, a written request must be sent to the presidency of the Departmental Council (or the adoption service) of your usual residence to inform him of your plan of acceptance. The application for authorization consists of two parts: - an application form for admission to be carefully completed - supporting documents to be provided to prove that you are fit for the babysitter. The decision is notified within three months of receipt of the full file. If no response is given within this time, the accreditation is considered to be issued and the nursery assistant can apply for a certificate. You will need to attach your completed application file: applications for admission sent by e-mail will not be processed. The renewal application is the same as an initial application.

The department`s departments regularly hold information sessions on the profession of babysitter. Before applying for admission, it is recommended to participate in one of these sessions in order to better understand the conditions of practice of the profession. Once you have confirmed your application, your department will conduct social and psychological assessments to ensure that you are able to provide a cheerful and rewarding environment for the child. The application for renewal of authorization is sent to the Ministry of Research between September 1 and November 30 of the last authorized year. When approved persons change departments, their approval remains valid, subject to a declaration to the President of the Departmental Council on their new residence and an application to transfer their files Accreditation documents are divided into two parts: an application form for accreditation that must be completed with care and the documents to be attached to prove their suitability to perform the job.

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