Manufacturing Agreement South Africa

13.1 Any right or recourse of the company under the contract does not affect any other rights or recourse of the company, whether under the contract or not.13.2 If a provision of the contract is, in whole or in part, unlawful, null, null, non-avenue, unenforceable or unreasonable by a court, jurisdiction or administrative authority, it is within this extent that a provision of the contract is , a competent jurisdiction or administrative authority is, in whole or in part, unlawful, invalid, non-applicable, unenforceable or unreasonable, to the extent that this illegality is considered totally or partially illegal, invalid, null, unenforceable or unreasonable. , disability, nullity, 13.3 The company`s omission or delay in the performance or partial performance of a provision of the contract is not construed as a waiver of any of its rights under the contract.13.4 The company`s waiver of a breach of a provision of the contract by the purchaser is not considered to be a waiver of one of its rights. Renunciation of a subsequent breach or delay and does not affect other contractual terms.13.5 Contracting parties do not intend a contractual clause to be applicable by or against a person who is not a contracting party.13.6 This contract and all disputes or claims arising from or in connection with it are applicable. 13.7 No representative or person has the right to assume, for DEHN AFRICA (PTY) LTD, any other responsibility related to the sale of the goods or even the acceptance of these conditions by the buyer in the event that. 13.9 The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its sole discretion.13.10 Nothing in these circumstances shall prevent the purchaser from exercising any right that the purchaser may have under the Consumer Protection Act 2008.13.11. These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties and no guarantee other than those mentioned above is binding on the parties: unless the conditions of issuance are in accordance with point 13.12 sub.13.12, to the extent that there are other provisions, no consensual supplement, amendment, termination or remedy (i.e. the act of replacing either an obligation to comply with a new obligation , either to replace a party to an agreement with a new party) and not to renounce a right that arises from these conditions, violation or termination, is of all power. or effect, unless it is signed in writing or on behalf of the parties` duly accredited representatives.

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