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Framework for the creation of a joint venture between two parties with a view to creating a joint venture. This contract model is used when there are few variables or complications and the time spent on the joint venture is limited to a specified period of time. This joint venture model contract applies when the following conditions apply. If the JVC is more complex, use the Long Form JVC Contract. Parent agencies are often smaller local modeling agencies. To help its models book more lucrative jobs and book important jobs, the parent agency will often promote its models to other larger market agencies such as New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. If you sign an exclusive contract with a modeling agency, you can only be represented by that agency for the duration of the contract. Sometimes there are exceptions - the term "exclusive" can be limited by time, geography or modeling mode - but if you work with a high-end agency like Ford or Wilhelmina Models, it means you can`t sign with someone else without their permission. The standard contract for an international joint venture supports and includes: 50-50 properties.

This model contract is only a general framework and must be adapted to the circumstances of the alliance or cooperation in question. Languages available: EN - EN - ES - PT It might be useful to know that there are usually four main types of modelling contracts in the sector: parent agency contracts, non-exclusive contracts, exclusive contracts and single contracts. An agreement to provide services to a customer. Articles include when and how services are provided, the duration of the agreement, the cost of services and the damage caused by one of the parties to the non-compliance. A long-term supply agreement for industrial goods between a supplier and a customer. This model contract model is used when there will be repeated transactions over a long period of time, perhaps years, as opposed to a single transaction. Being in a larger market means that you have the opportunity to book modeling jobs with major publications like Vogue, Elle and W and to work with big clients like Gucci, Prada and Abercrombie and Fitch. This standard contract for the long-term international delivery of goods: - contains clauses concerning the amount of each party`s commitment, the procedure for ordering and delivering goods and a pricing mechanism. This contract also verifies the duration of the contract. It is not for goods or where goods are delivered for resale by a merchant.

In these cases, you will find the models of international distribution contracts. This model contract is only a general framework and must be adapted to the circumstances of the alliance or cooperation in question.

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