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TAFE Queensland uses all Queensland Government supply contracts and also has its own supply contracts. But there are always opportunities for other suppliers to supply taFE Queensland. On 29 November 2019, QQI and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (Australia) (TEQSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. QQI and TEQSA have similar responsibilities with regard to the quality assurance of higher education providers operating in their respective national certification systems and wish to maintain close relations for dialogue, cooperation and cooperation through this memorandum. In accordance with Cabinet Office guidelines, we have put in place targeted financial support measures in the form of a burden relief program. We expect employers and training providers to work with apprentices to reschedule training, which may include reviewing apprenticeship contracts and declarations of commitment. We will continue to monitor this situation as the situation evolves. Contract renewals were granted in early March to training providers through the manage your education and skills funding service, with a launch date of 1 April 2020. 11) If an apprentice works from home, can a claimant count everything they do as off-the-job training? Training outside the company is a legal requirement for English training.

Where a critical apprentice has been transferred to another role, part of this activity may still be taken into account for training outside the workplace, but this should be discussed and agreed between the employer and the provider to ensure that the trainee receives adequate training and assistance to be ready to complete his training. . . .

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