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not yet", but in this case, if one subject is singular and the other plural, neither the minister nor his colleagues, we use the verb that corresponds to the one in front of the space. 13. Mathematics _________ Mansoor`s favorite subject. (a) is (b) are (c) were (d) none of these answers based (a) "mathematical" including "s" is the name of the subject and does not make a plural form. These subject-verb correspondence exercises with answers cover simple themes as well as compound topics that use "and" or "or" to connect individual themes. 09. Answer __________ acceptable. (a) is (b) where (c) were (d) none of these well-founded answers (a) the singular verb is used by "either". 12. ________the news at 5 or 6 o`clock? (a) is (b) are (c) where (d) none of these responses with the reason (a) "messages" is unaccountable and is used with singular verbs. "Furniture" is countless nouns and is always followed by a singular verb. For more information, please see here. 02.

Either my mother or my father _______ come to meet. (a) is (b) are (c) were (d) none of these responses with the reason (a) "either. or" refers to a person, so a singular verb is used. (Father or mother=both singular) Select the help form from the options listed to fill in the following gaps. 25. Each student and trainer in this building ______ for a new school by next year. (a) Hope (b) Hopes (c) did not hope for (d) any of these answers with reason (b) The subject of the verb is "each and every one", which is singular: the right choice of the verb is therefore "hopes". 03. The dog or cats ________ outside.

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