Surveymonkey Service Level Agreement

Some of our services may also be subject to additional terms. You should also read all of these applicable terms. First, there`s SurveyMonkey CX, its Net Promoter Score (NPS) solution, designed to collect, understand, and respond to customer feedback. The customer support team also uses a Salesforce integration to trigger a customer satisfaction survey after each customer interaction is complete. But that`s not the only way to develop ideas to improve customer service. However, for SurveyMonkey, onboarding is as important as quality after-sales service training. For employees, the onboarding process is constant and constantly evolving. If you want multiple users to access one or more surveys, please familiarize yourself with the sharing options in this article: We may suspend our services for a variety of reasons: (a) to perform planned maintenance work; b) in violation of our Permitted Use Directive; c) to prevent material harm to you, our other customers, or SurveyMonkey; or (d) it is prescribed by law. SurveyMonkey offers a wide range of services. Certain Services are subject to additional specific terms and guidelines (including rules and guidelines) ("Additional Terms").

These additional terms will be part of your agreement with us if you use these services. For example, if you use our survey services, the terms of use of the survey platform apply. You agree to these Terms by clicking or tapping a button indicating your consent to these Terms, by executing a document that returns them, or by using the Services. These terms apply to services purchased on SurveyMonkey websites. You can find the terms for services offered through surveyMonkey`s Enterprise Sales Team in our respective services agreement. "SSTs" means the specific terms of service that apply to certain services located here and that are incorporated into this Agreement and that form part of this Agreement. 15.4 Global Agreement. This Agreement (including all documents included therein by reference to a URL or otherwise, and any other order form) represents the entire agreement between Customer and SurveyMonkey and supersedes all other prior or concurrent agreements or conditions, written or oral, regarding their subject matter. Any terms that appear in an order or similar document of the customer or on the customer`s purchase, billing or layout portal do not apply to the services, do not expire or form part of this agreement and are not valid. (b) communications to SurveyMonkey.

Messages to SurveyMonkey should be sent to SurveyMonkey, One Curiosity Way, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA, in the hands of the Legal Department, with a copy to Emails are not sufficient to provide SurveyMonkey with non-routine legal guidance (including claims, breach notifications, and whistleblowers) ("Non-Routine Legal Notice"). The customer can issue permissions, permissions, extensions, and consents via email. SurveyMonkey`s secret customer service strategy is based on treating customers like real people, not tickets. For this reason, SurveyMonkey`s customer skills training includes techniques to defuse and treat an angry customer with deep empathy, while providing a reliable solution. . . .

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