Wandsworth Council Tenancy Agreement

With this type of rental, you keep your home for as long as you want, unless there is a legal reason why the board must take it back (called in the Housing Act a "reason for ownership"). In certain circumstances, you may be entitled to be considered for a reward of up to £500 at the end of your rental. If you have been a tenant for less than 5 years, you will only be considered for a maximum of £250. This reward is based on how the rental is terminated, in what condition you leave the property, how your rental is made, and whether you owe money to the board. You will also have to pay for any repairs or other work we need to perform at the end of your rental that was your responsibility or caused by a breach of your rental conditions. Your rental conditions define your responsibilities as tenants and our responsibilities in the management and maintenance of your property. Our rental policy defines the conditions under which we offer different rental contracts. The rental conditions include information on topics such as taking charge of your property and common areas, your garden and balcony, decoration and improvement, pet breeding, the behaviour of visitors and household members and access to the Council and contractors. Most new tenants will start their lease as introductory tenants. This is a trial rental report and usually lasts 12 months. If you do not break any of the rental conditions during this period, you will automatically be a temporary or safe periodic tenant. In most cases, you will be a flexible fixed-term tenant. Cancel your rental at any time with 28 days` notice in writing.

The end date must be a Monday. If you are a roommate, a tenant can terminate the rental by terminating us in the same way. .

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